Our Story

Cho San found his love for Asian art and crafts, particularly with Japanese designs, when he was 19. He worked part-time in local crafts and souvenir shops, however, realised most were offering similar products. Hence, he started his entrepreneurial journey with Far East Fine Arts in 1978, with the desire to create unique local gifts and souvenirs.

Working alongside with his beloved wife, the shop grew into popularity through the word of mouth and continues to be featured in popular travel guides and networks such as Aruco Magazine and JTB.

Today, it is affectionately known as Chosan Zakka or rather, Mr Cho's Shop.

Creating Our Own

We believe in creating our own designs and quality products at affordable prices.

Every product involves curation of ideas and countless iterations through hand drawn designs before reaching the production line.

We hope that every product represents the Singapore culture with a touch of Cho San's artistic flair.

Products we offer are Peranakan goods, Merlion wood carvings, Singapore-style stationeries, ATA goods, Batik, Celadon and Asian snacks.